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CH-9 Checker Secret

















This was developed for beginners of Karakuri Boxes.
But there is an additional storage section so it is actually somewhat fancy.
The design is elegantly simple that it is sold for only karakuri Club members.
We recommend it as a gift.

author Karakuri Creation Group
created 01/2017

70×70×68 mm

material walnut, magnolia, mizuki(dog wood), aincient katsura

Member's Only

Member's Price JPY 6,875



Karakuri Club Invitation


The current payment method is only a credit card.

Only "monthly clear" is acceptable.
"Payment in installments" isn't acceptable.
Please let us know following information.
We'll charge after your confirmation.

Fax: +81-465-32-3634
Letter: Karakuri Club, 3764-9 Kuno, Odawara, Kanagawa, 250-0055 JAPAN
Our company name is "Yugengaisha Karakuri Kikaku".