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KK-1-2 Karakuri Small Box #1
















"I want low-priced works that are suitable for a present or souvenior". "If the works are pretty and small enough to fit into my pocket, they are convenient to show to my friends."
Our group began to create "Karakuri Small Box Series" to answer the customer's expectation.
We aim to create works that are low-priced, small, and of course exciting.
This is the first work. It was the best one in our trial creations. It takes only 3 moves to open. But, it isn't easy. The name of the work is only the number to hide the solution.

author Karakuri Creation Group
created 12/2004

47×47×47 mm

material walnut, magnolia

Member's Price JPY 4,125


Karakuri Club Invitation

Regular Price JPY 4,752



The current payment method is only a credit card.

Only "monthly clear" is acceptable.
"Payment in installments" isn't acceptable.
Please let us know following information.
We'll charge after your confirmation.

Fax: +81-465-32-3634
Letter: Karakuri Club, 3764-9 Kuno, Odawara, Kanagawa, 250-0055 JAPAN
Our company name is "Yugengaisha Karakuri Kikaku".