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RF-45  Oops House












An action of the development of “House Collection” Series started. The motifs are houses and buildings. The aim is new style Karakuri box that is suitable to display or to put treasure inside. Basically, the Karakuri device is hidden in the design. This is a suggestion about new direction of Karakuri products. And, these items image “TAKUMI-KAN” that is a shop of wooden items in Odawara.

This is the third item of House Collection. The House inclines. It seems to put the head on one side. There is a drawer inside. Of course, it is usually locked. However, you will be able to open it by doing a certain normal operation. The device which is used for this item is not newest one. But the device is relatively high level. This is an item that we can enjoy the device easily.

author Hiroshi Iwahara
created 07/2016
size 60 x 80 x 70 mm
material maple, cotton velvet 


Member's Price 6,250JPY


Karakuri Club Invitation

Regular Price 7,200JPY




The current payment method is only a credit card.

Only "monthly clear" is acceptable.
"Payment in installments" isn't acceptable.
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