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WS-5 Work-kit Fake Box

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It is easy to make it.
But you can't open it easily.
Most people have trouble opening it without a hint or the solution.
Almost everyone will be deceived by this 'Fake Box'.
The original work is the 'Fake Box' by Karakuri creation group.

You can paint your favorite colors, and make your own original one.
Language is only Japanese.

author Karakuri Creation Group
created 06/2009

50×66×42 mm

material plywood, kastura, etc.

Member's Price JPY 2,200


Karakuri Club Invitation

Regular Price JPY 2,500



The current payment method is only a credit card.

Only "monthly clear" is acceptable.
"Payment in installments" isn't acceptable.
Please let us know following information.
We'll charge after your confirmation.

Fax: +81-465-32-3634
Letter: Karakuri Club, 3764-9 Kuno, Odawara, Kanagawa, 250-0055 JAPAN
Our company name is "Yugengaisha Karakuri Kikaku".